Stop the execution of seals in Scandinavia

Stop the execution of seals in Scandinavia

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this blog is taking action against the violent execution of seals at the coastal boarders of Scandinavia.

The old tradition to kill the seals continue in Scandinavia

protection of naturePosted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Fri, June 21, 2013 23:30:27

I returned after several weeks from the forests at the border to Southern Lapland, where I was present with the goal to protect the legendary female wolf Susi. Here in Sweden, winter was full of animal cruelty, again many wolves have been captured and killed by the Scandinavian State's executors, as well as the Swedish institutions EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the County Administrative Boards.

Their name is misleading PR and that is why their names should be altered: e.g. EPA should be named Environmental Persecution Agency (in Swedish: Naturvårdsverket borde kallas Naturmordsverket) & County Administrative Board should change their name into County Ambushing Board (in Swedish: Länsstyrelsen borde kallas Länshelikopterprickskjutstyrelsen).

The staff of of these above mentioned authorities kill other species by command of like brainwashed human robot.

Unfortunately, these crazy people no respite to kill the protected wildlife, also this crime to the fauna continues with an executive brutality. The killing to the seals started här in Sweden in April to October, a new bloodbath take over in the Baltic Sea.

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