Junselevargen ska leva/The Junsele Wolf shall live

Junselevargen ska leva/The Junsele Wolf shall live


En vargtik som just nu finns i området kring Junsele spåras och hetsas av en vargspårare och medarbetare från Naturvårdsverket TROTS att beslutet om skyddsjakt strider mot EU-lagstiftning, en överklagan har lämnats in och Sverige antagligen kommer att återigen dras inför EU-domstol pga. av brott mot internationell lag.

The Alone Wolf - the history of Susi the beauty

vargPosted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Sat, March 30, 2013 11:40:33

Alone Wolf - Susi the Survivorsmiley

Image 1, Susi survived one more time the persecution of wolf haters of the County Administrative Board & Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the reindeer owners of the Vilhelmina village. Due to the fact that public authorities from the very beginning of their existence systematically have extincted several species, their name is misleading PR and that is why their names should be altered: e.g. EPA should be named Environmental Persecution Agency (in Swedish: Naturvårdsverket borde kallas Naturmordsverket) & County Administrative Board should change their name into County Ambushing Board (in Swedish: Länsstyrelsen borde kallas Länshelikopterskjutstyrelsen). The ways how their staff acted, which I encountered myself, is characterized by an attitude of domination, arrogance and lots of incompentence about nature. Their behaviour shows an inability to see that they themselves depend on nature. This attitude makes them unconcious about their own destroying attitudes and behaviours against nature. Public authorities and their staff missuse public spendings in order to destroy the ecological system of nature. And this happens in secret. The person in charge at EPA, Ruona Burman (viltsamordnare), and Maria Ågren, general director of EPA, both are abusers of power, and represent only the interests of reindeer-owners, desinform people about the nature and wolves and at the same time support hunters' and forestry's destruction of nature. These authorities not only make it difficult for the wolf to live in her natural habitat, but also support that the wolf's habitat is destroyed. That means that not only wolves, but many other species are affected and forced to leave their home - the forest. Authorities make the fauna homeless and kill them.

"Susi shall live not only survive", that was my friendly message to the enemies of Susi in the the forest. Such a tragic history of Susi the "Alone Wolf". She was in love for life with her Romeo, but humans killed her partner (two times, two different partners) with big cruelty. She survived all this sorrow and she felt lonely. Susi lost the possibility to get a family with puppies. The Wolf is one of the most social, wise, faithful and loving creatures on earth. I agree with my friend Rebecka who says: "Think about the way she has been threatened by humans since she came to Sweden!".

Image 2, Tidning Allehanda: foto of Jonas Ekströmer.


Warning to you wolfs haters! smiley

I invite the wolf haters to reflect about their criminal behavior against the wolf Susi. The message of the nature to the wolf haters and the abusers of power is: "Leave Susi in peace". I hope that these criminal persecutors take this message by heart and with seriosity, because the power of the nature gets back to break these stupid people forever. The Nature is warning and very tired of wolf haters! Susi in not alone!

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