Junselevargen ska leva/The Junsele Wolf shall live

Junselevargen ska leva/The Junsele Wolf shall live


En vargtik som just nu finns i området kring Junsele spåras och hetsas av en vargspårare och medarbetare från Naturvårdsverket TROTS att beslutet om skyddsjakt strider mot EU-lagstiftning, en överklagan har lämnats in och Sverige antagligen kommer att återigen dras inför EU-domstol pga. av brott mot internationell lag.

Sponsors & petition for Susi

vargPosted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Sat, March 30, 2013 10:28:10

Peoples that really made a difference with the goal to help Susi the beauty

Image 1, Visit of with Angelica L. and Olle A. in the village of Eden. Two private individuals who, with a big heart and generosity, sponsored my activities in the wolf territory. Thank you! smiley

Image 2, Angelica L a soprano and pretty woman who brings food to me in the forest. You are wonderful. I love you!smiley

Image 3, 18 February. Olle A. An unusual generous guy just like his wife, who sponsored with accommodation and much more. You really made a difference and you showed a great respect for Susi. I love you! I come back! smiley

Image 4, 23 February. Ewa and Lena of the Junsele group support me with food and clothing. Thanks, for your support and for your visit in "The circle of Death" close to the small village Lilleselet. I love you! smiley

Image 5, 3 February. That was great Anneli (Junsele group) that you helped me to delete the tracks of Susi. It was real winter here in the small village of Gulsele,with -20 degrees!. Thank you very much for your support with food bags and clothes. Thanks for the thick down jacket you lent me, I love you! smiley

Image 6, 10 February. I got a visit from Roger and Tryggve. They brought clothes and food that was sponsored by the women of the Junsele group. Thanks! I love you!

Image 7, 10 February. I got new food, very practical and easy to prepare when I went out into the forest. The food was sponsored by the women from the Junsele group. Thank yousmiley

Image 8, 10 February. Winter clothes and sleeping bag that helped me to manage the cold temperatures down towards -35 degrees, in the tent and in the forest. In addition, I got an ax and gas cartridges for the camping kitchen. The clothes have been sponsored by the women from the Junsele group.smiley

In the background of the photo you can see the apartment that was sponsored for two days by the Tourist Office in Junsele. Many thanks to Kristina, who helped me with maps and information material about the Junsele area. Thank you Kristina for the lift to my basecamp to Gulsele village. I love you!smiley

Image 9. Tourist office of Junsele village. www.junsele.nu