Junselevargen ska leva/The Junsele Wolf shall live

Junselevargen ska leva/The Junsele Wolf shall live


En vargtik som just nu finns i området kring Junsele spåras och hetsas av en vargspårare och medarbetare från Naturvårdsverket TROTS att beslutet om skyddsjakt strider mot EU-lagstiftning, en överklagan har lämnats in och Sverige antagligen kommer att återigen dras inför EU-domstol pga. av brott mot internationell lag.

Meeting with reporters

vargPosted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Fri, March 15, 2013 16:23:41

Today is a beautiful day, sunny & blue sky and I enjoy to be out in the nature. My activities today are to prepare a meeting point at road 90 (road to Åsele) close to the small village of Lilleselet. Lilleselet is situated in the south-east part of the Junsele wolf territory. I am armed with my big engagemang for the Nature, also now for the cause of wolves. My weapons are a banner and caramel color and I am now ready to ski through the forests to the small community Lilleselet. The goal with this action is to get the attention of the local people and in some way to influence the stop of the organized transport by the wolf haters, who by force are taking the wolf Susi into a small cage with the goal to move her by car to Stockholm.

When I was to preparare the banner in the snow, with caramel color, I got a visit from the sympathetic reporters Karin Bergström and Karin Rickardsson (Newspaper Allehanda, Sollefteå city).

I told the reporters, as the active eye witnessess they were, about the facts concerning the intense and brutal hunting of the wolf Susi here in Lilleselet, a small community close to the Västanbäck village. I told about the enormous negative consequences and what has happened since several weeks about in form of actions from the Susi-persecutors, as there are the authorities (County Administrative Board & Environmental Protection Agency), who together with the other wolf haters (reindeer owners from Vilhelmina village) disturbed and caused a lot of stress to the wolf Susi. These idiots of wolf haters pushed their snowscooters with high speed day after day, hour after hour in the so called "Circle of Death".

The method "The Circle of Death" was used not only here in Lilleselet, but even in several parts of the wolf territory in Junsele. This method is a very efficient system for wolf hunting. As the "Circle of Death", this method of hunting techniques, caused devastating effects to the fauna and flora. The environmental impact is very high as to the extensive destruction and pollution caused in the nature. The rural people have felt very disturbed of these wolf haters and several people startet denunciation to the police.

The Wolf haters goal was to by force make Susi leaving the ring and then, with help of the helicopter, catch and shoot Susi. What cowardly and criminal idiots with a cruel behavior and without any respect for the nature and for their inhabitants!

This type of wolf hunting is, just as all the other wolf hunting practices, prohibited under the Habitats Directive 92/43 EEC. In fact, the entire ecosystem of the forest is disturbed by these categories of wolf haters of authorities reindeer owners.

I encourage you to think from the wolf's point of view if you want to understand this horrible destructive behaviour of the wolf haters! So some questions to you: What would you do if you yourrself became encircled by unknown people? What would you do if someone took you under total control and by force put around your neck a GPS collar for lifetime? What would you do if someone by force moved you several hours away from your home? What would you do if someone tried to shoot your partner (like the partners of Susi "already have been shot two times)? And would you do if someone by force kicked you and your family out of your house, catched you in a tiny little box or a Zoo (like this is been done every day by human people with almost extincted other species in the forest, and the intensive destruction of their home "the forest" and all that only for money and profit)?

Sure, if you are not blind and not ignorant, then you can see all these human destructive behaviors here locally in Sweden and globally in the other countries around the world. If you really want to understand the nature and her inhabitants, then you need to see these things from the nature's point of view. If you reflect upon it, then you easily can be self-critical and get the answer to all the above mentioned questions.

Newspaper Allehanda article "Gianluca fight for the wolves" with videoclip of Saturday 16 March: http://allehanda.se/start/solleftea/1.5685415-tv-gianluca-strider-for-vargen

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