Junselevargen ska leva/The Junsele Wolf shall live

Junselevargen ska leva/The Junsele Wolf shall live


En vargtik som just nu finns i området kring Junsele spåras och hetsas av en vargspårare och medarbetare från Naturvårdsverket TROTS att beslutet om skyddsjakt strider mot EU-lagstiftning, en överklagan har lämnats in och Sverige antagligen kommer att återigen dras inför EU-domstol pga. av brott mot internationell lag.

Susi is back into the Circle of Death

vargPosted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Thu, March 14, 2013 09:14:05

Yesterday the 13 March, I was in the village of Eden and I looked at the small road close to the forest, but I did not see any tracks of Susi. I spoke with the locals and they told me that they had not seen any tracks of the wolf Susi.

Maybe it was a wrong tip, the info I got a day before from the people from Junsele. But I got a new tip from the local people in Junsele, they spoke about that Susi had teared down a reindeer last Thursday in the circle of death. I am depending on tips from locals because the authorities keep their actings a secret. The wolf huggers are so far away, so I think they have not the time and have difficulties to get knowledge about the matter and the happenings that take place here in the forest. Yesterday in the afternon I was back in the circle of death and I found the tracks of Susi. Great that she still is alive!

The authorities made the place ”The circle of death” completely a secret for the media and for the people. That is very strange that the Enviromental Protection Agency and the County Administrative Board used the tax money of the people, but at the same time they don’t want to informe the taxpayers about what truely is going on. The authorities' behavior is the same as the Masons', who make their decisions behind closed doors. In fact if you open your eyes, really you can see that there is no democracy here in Sweden. Just a class domination of the users of power with their lobbies and stupid authorities.

Image 1, 13 March. Start at Nygränsvägen in the small village Lillesele. It begins to snow very much and the temperature is at -9 degrees.

Image 2, 13 March. Here begins the northeast part of the cirle of death.

Image 3, 13 March. I follow the scooters of the wolf haters in the Circle of Death.

Image 4, 13 March. Everywhere there are new tracks of scooter from authorities and from reindeer owners. Here it's a lot of activities with wolf hunting since just some days ago.

Image 5, 13 March. Susi tracks, she is still alive, great!

Image 6, 13 March. The photo is showing the fight between the predator and its prey. That is natural.

Image 7, 13 March. It's already night and I am happy to be here close to Susi in the forest.

Image 8, 14 March. Now it is night and my activities are finishing, they are completed for today and tomorrow there will be another day, maybe a more intensive day with the goal to defend the rights of Susi wolf. Susi the beautyful.

Image 9, 13 March. I am looking at the sky and I admire all these glittering stars. A fantastic picture of the naure in a cold winters night in the middle of Sweden. I just would wish to hear the beautiful voice (howl) of Susi, the beautyful.

Sorry that my little digital camera can not show you what my eyes can see just now! Soon in some hours it will already become day and I need a time for a rest.