Junselevargen ska leva/The Junsele Wolf shall live

Junselevargen ska leva/The Junsele Wolf shall live


En vargtik som just nu finns i området kring Junsele spåras och hetsas av en vargspårare och medarbetare från Naturvårdsverket TROTS att beslutet om skyddsjakt strider mot EU-lagstiftning, en överklagan har lämnats in och Sverige antagligen kommer att återigen dras inför EU-domstol pga. av brott mot internationell lag.

Irritation of the wolf haters

vargPosted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Thu, February 28, 2013 21:17:41

26 feb. The wolf haters deleted the banner on the snow!

26 feb. The message from wolf haters Stefan Tågestad, he wrote on the snow "Hello Frenchman!" (Hej, fransmannen!)

26 feb. Image 3. Then, I became more incentive to engaged for the last wolf in the Junsele territory. The purpose with this action is to focused for the crucial right of the wolf and that her should live for her own sake. Of course, that the wolf haters criminal behavior should be stopped and that the banners with wolf message should be more visible on the snow!

27 feb. Image 4, Sweden and the whole people of Europe are looking at what you do unscrupulous wolf haters!

27 feb. Image 4, The Mountaintarn (Bergtjärnen) in the north-west side of "The circle of death" (Dödens ringen)

27 feb. Image 6, by Mountaintarn (Bergtjärnen). I am very disappointed about Sweden!

Sweden you have unsuccessful at every level of your "environmental policy" and this unscrupulous government will be condemned from the European Commission for breaking the law of Habitats Directive 92/43 EEG. Sweden is a country full of parody that sells a completely different image of themselves. A country that says "We love the nature," but at the same time transforming the old forests in a horrible deforestation and their inhabitants, such as the "protected" wolf sterminated. Sweden is a country who the reindeer exercising his own law and the lobby hunters have taken over the power, no democracy and the government are only puppets of this lobbysmen. Swedish people are unfortunately not solidarity with each other, they fight for their own survival in a still more rotten and corrupt society, where only the money, the consumption, and their economic interests are valued!

In fact the Swedish people stay still in silence, don't take action in the field with the goal to save the last wolf in Junsele. I am sad to experience that time after time!

I am convinced that with cowardice and with fear, you will never change this unacceptable situation in Sweden concerning the long ongoing of naturecrime and this endless exploitation of natural resources. And as I told you before, it is not a coincidence that I am the only person (no one only swedish people!) who since more than four weeks I still fighting against these brainwashed of wolf heaters in the forests of the wolves territory in Junsele district.

I don' t trust to the "human" species, because too much unsustainable, paradox and with a destructive behavior on the planet. The "human" show unfortunately only selfish and disappointed. In contrast to the "human", always when I live with nature and under her condition, than I see how all these forest inhabitants (flora and fauna) are interconnected together. Of the nature I bekome knowledge, strength and energy. In practice, I live in the present! I tell to you, that I don't feel alone, I have many friends in the forest and I am with the wise wolf!

27 feb. image 4-6. The circle of death in swedish (Dödens ringen) with the color of blood. This is a sad history of the wolf hunting in the wolves territory close to the Mountaintarn (Bergtjärnen). This place will be always remembered throught the time for the persecution and murder to the wolves. This is the increasingly bitter war caused of the "human" and always against nature! That is the sad history written of the swedish wolf haters!