Junselevargen ska leva/The Junsele Wolf shall live

Junselevargen ska leva/The Junsele Wolf shall live


En vargtik som just nu finns i området kring Junsele spåras och hetsas av en vargspårare och medarbetare från Naturvårdsverket TROTS att beslutet om skyddsjakt strider mot EU-lagstiftning, en överklagan har lämnats in och Sverige antagligen kommer att återigen dras inför EU-domstol pga. av brott mot internationell lag.

Susi has been captured of wolf haters

vargPosted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Thu, March 14, 2013 21:02:02

Susi efter infångandet 2013-03-14. Fotograf: Naturvårdsverket

Susi undersöks av veterinär 2013-03-14. Fotograf: Naturvårdsverket

Susi is back into the Circle of Death

vargPosted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Thu, March 14, 2013 09:14:05

Yesterday the 13 March, I was in the village of Eden and I looked at the small road close to the forest, but I did not see any tracks of Susi. I spoke with the locals and they told me that they had not seen any tracks of the wolf Susi.

Maybe it was a wrong tip, the info I got a day before from the people from Junsele. But I got a new tip from the local people in Junsele, they spoke about that Susi had teared down a reindeer last Thursday in the circle of death. I am depending on tips from locals because the authorities keep their actings a secret. The wolf huggers are so far away, so I think they have not the time and have difficulties to get knowledge about the matter and the happenings that take place here in the forest. Yesterday in the afternon I was back in the circle of death and I found the tracks of Susi. Great that she still is alive!

The authorities made the place ”The circle of death” completely a secret for the media and for the people. That is very strange that the Enviromental Protection Agency and the County Administrative Board used the tax money of the people, but at the same time they don’t want to informe the taxpayers about what truely is going on. The authorities' behavior is the same as the Masons', who make their decisions behind closed doors. In fact if you open your eyes, really you can see that there is no democracy here in Sweden. Just a class domination of the users of power with their lobbies and stupid authorities.

Image 1, 13 March. Start at Nygränsvägen in the small village Lillesele. It begins to snow very much and the temperature is at -9 degrees.

Image 2, 13 March. Here begins the northeast part of the cirle of death.

Image 3, 13 March. I follow the scooters of the wolf haters in the Circle of Death.

Image 4, 13 March. Everywhere there are new tracks of scooter from authorities and from reindeer owners. Here it's a lot of activities with wolf hunting since just some days ago.

Image 5, 13 March. Susi tracks, she is still alive, great!

Image 6, 13 March. The photo is showing the fight between the predator and its prey. That is natural.

Image 7, 13 March. It's already night and I am happy to be here close to Susi in the forest.

Image 8, 14 March. Now it is night and my activities are finishing, they are completed for today and tomorrow there will be another day, maybe a more intensive day with the goal to defend the rights of Susi wolf. Susi the beautyful.

Image 9, 13 March. I am looking at the sky and I admire all these glittering stars. A fantastic picture of the naure in a cold winters night in the middle of Sweden. I just would wish to hear the beautiful voice (howl) of Susi, the beautyful.

Sorry that my little digital camera can not show you what my eyes can see just now! Soon in some hours it will already become day and I need a time for a rest.

Helicopter with sharpshooters claimed to be seen close to the village of Eden

vargPosted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Wed, March 13, 2013 07:17:01

Image 1, 13 March. Road southeast of Junsele towards Eden village.

Here it was claimed that Susi was seen on monday. But this was a false information. Susi is somewhere else, hopefully hidden from the Wolf-hunters - even though they now claim to know where she is situated and to have tracked her at another place.

Image 2-3, 13 March. Here is where the wolf war of the wolf haters against Susi was claimed to go on: in the beautiful village of Eden.

Image 4, 13 March. A beautiful day with sun and - 28 degrees. But again a sad day for the human history and her stupidity!

Image 5, 13 March. I become today help with lift from Olle with a lift to Eden village and I meet there with Angelika L. who brings me some food. Two of many persons with a big hjärt who help me and Susi. Great people!

I received yesterday evening info from my friend Olle that Susi since Monday was claimed to be seen close to the Eden village. This horrible, intensive wolf-hunting against Susi! The village Eden is located 5 km south-east of Junsele village. Here it is -28 degrees, sunny, and I am on the way with my skis to Eden. I am very angry about these stupid wolf haters. I hope that the cold temperature can block the helicopter and the scooters. I wish that these stupid wolf haters and sharpshooters with their guns may transform forever into icicles.

Tracks of Susi close to the Vallen village

vargPosted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Mon, March 11, 2013 23:46:42

Yesterday I received some information that the tracks of Susi have been found in the village of Vallen. The news reported that the wolf tracks were discovered March the 4th, next to a cage of dogs.

Certainly, it was a very stupid inhabitant of Vallen, who after having discovered the tracks of Susi, gave the warning to the local wolf hater, to Stefan Tågestad. Again a scandalous and typical mistake of the people! Because this unnecessary alarm, once again the persecution and hunting of the protected specie, the wolf Susi, started!

The Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) reported in its decision, that the wolf Susi should be captured, anesthetized, equipt with a GPS collar and moved by force for the fourth time to the southern part of Sweden!

Probably this horrible action of atrocity by authorities will be like a sentence of death for Susi. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelserna i Västnorrland & Västerbotten) are of course both directly responsible for this animal cruelty and naturcrime. In addition, these above mentioned unsustainable authorities show one more time a violation of the signed law for the protected species: Habitat Directive 92/43 EEG!

Sweden is really a scandalous country!

Sweden is, similar to the other Scandinavian countries (Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark)) a country that constantly shows nature crime to the world. No more excuses for Sweden concerning the exploitation of natural resources and the massive extinction of the wildlife! Sweden is really since a long time ago the most paradox country of Europe with the propaganda about a ”sustainable development and biodiversity”!

When you think about the nature here in Sweden, I recommend you to reflect about it! For example here in Sweden, of a total of 5000 species (flora and fauna), over 3500 species are critically endangered, redlisted and protected. And the wolf is one of them!

The Swedish authorities in reality are practicing the killing of wildlife along with their talks about the protection of species! Sweden shows propaganda about the biodiversity at the same time destroying the old forests and the wildlife for monetary reasons. Sweden does instead practice a monoculture, with the reasoning that only human people have "the right to exist" and this "homos stupid" standpoint, they believe, excuses that only just "human people" continue undisturbedly their plundering of the forest!

If you want see the massive deforestation of the old forest and extinktion of wildlife, then you don’t need to fly to the Amazonas or to Borneo! You can also see this nature crime very clearly here in Sweden! Sweden is probability the country that per excellency shows the nature crime in the highest possible way in the world! Horrible!

Image 1, 9 March. The southwest of wolf territory close to the village of Vallen.

Image 2, 9 March. Olle helped me today and I got a lift to the southwest part of Susi territory. Still 9 km to the village of Vallen.

Image 3, 9 March. This plundering of the forest is very clear if you drive by car on the way to the village of Vallen. The woodcutters and the killers of forest are on their way. I think that many people can get very angry at the sight of a dead forest! And the cause for this intensive disboscation of the forest is only the greed of society. The people are only thinking about progress and their enormous consumption. The State of Sweden together with its lobby of forestry companies such as SCA and Svea Forest are the biggest woodcutter in Sweden!

But what happens with the human people? The human people show that their goal is their own economic interests and people say often as a defensice tape "We have a lot of forest"!

And then this absurd modern "Homo Stupid" really believes that the forests are their property!

The forest is the protection and home to many species, including Susi! Unfortunately the human society does not respect the nature.

People only think about their own economic interests and continue to destroy and to conterminate the forest.

Image 4 9 March. I arrive at ca. 15:00 pm in the village of Vallen. Here, in this small village, there are living about 100 people and some of them don' t like the wolf. I experienced that in the countryside, people often fear the wolf and tell myths about it.

Image 5, 9 March. With Olle, passing the small village.

Image 6, 9 March. Here, Stefan Tågestad, the wolf haters is living, who since several months ago is persecuting the wolf Susi with scooters. He is employed by the County Administrative Board. One ignorant and irresponsible "homo stupid" in the service of a Swedish authority, who is responsible for nature crime against the protected wolf and for the kill of many other species in Sweden. The Swedish government is totally scandalous and criminal with their extinction of species and destruction of the old forest!

Image 7, 9 March. I go to the starting point here at the village of Vallen. Now it is already 15.40 and I am skiing towards the direction of Ulvik. The temperature is about -18 degrees.

Image 8, 9 March. This forest road is called Galaxen, and after some kilometers, I met Robert and Katja, a couple from Germany. They had a weekend vacation and they invited me for coffee, cookies and milky rice.

Image 9, 9 March. Close to the forest, I have seen many tracks of various forest inhabitants, but unfortunately not the tracks of Susi.

Image 10, 9 March. After having skied along the forest path, I decided to track at the Lake of Vallen (Vallsjön). It's already dark, 19:30 pm, and the temperature has fallen to - 22 degrees.

Image 11, 9 March. The air is dry, a beautiful view of the sunset with red tones to the north side. And I admired an amazing sky with stars above me. I took the shorter way back over the lake to the village of Vallen. The ice was still thick enough to ski on it, but I had to listen to the movement of the ice and had to be cautious and prepared. At 20:00 pm, I arrived on the other side of the lake and there my friend Olle picked me up. I hope that Susi has found a safe place and a place far from the wolf haters of the village of Vallen.

Helicopter of wolf haters and sharpshooters

vargPosted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Sat, March 09, 2013 11:56:19

Image 1. Today 9 March, in the morning at 9.30, I have seen the black helicopter of the wolf haters, presumably with sharpshooters on bord. The helicopter was flying at 30 meters hight into the Susi territory.

Image 2, 9 March (9.30 AM). On the right side of the photo you can see the helicopter of the wolf haters.

Image 3. 9 March 14.25 PM

Image 4. 9 March

Image 5. 9 March

Image 6. 9 March

Image 7. 9 March

Image 8. 9 March.

Image 9. 9 March

Image 10. 9 March

Image 11. 9 March

Image 12. 9 March

Image 13. 9 March

Image 14. 9 March

Now: the most important question is to help Susi to survive. Not only to apeal for the Susi cause! Why do all these people (apealers) hide themselves again behind the screen? In fact these theoretical people "do nothing to help Susi" here at place in the wolf territory in Junsele. Unfortunately, that is the truth and the reality! I experience all the time this cowardice of Swedish people! If you really "want to help Susi",please do not only do it in words, my message to you is: TAKE ACTION NOW för the endangered female wolf in the Junsele wolf territory!

Where are you Swedish wolfhuggers, are you only behind the screen? Susi needs your help right now right here!!! Tomorrow can be too late!

Activities in the circle of death is closed

vargPosted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Sat, March 09, 2013 10:18:33

Image 1, 5 March.

Image 2, 5 March.

Image 3, 5 March.

Image 4, 5 March.

Image 5, 5 March.

Image 6, 5 March.

Image 7, 5 March.

Image 8, 5 March.

Image 9, 5 March.

Image 10, 5 March.

Image 11, 5 March.

Image 12, 5 March.

Image 13, 5 March.

Image 14, 5 March.

Image 15, 5 March.

Image 16, 5 March.

Image 17, 5 March.

Image 18, 5 March.

Image 19, 5 March.

Image 20, 5 March.

Image 21, 5 March.

Image 22, 5 March.

Image 1, 4 March.

Image 2, 4 March.

Image 3, 4 March.

Image 4, 4 March.

Image 5, 4 March.

Image 6, 4 March.

Image 7, 4 March.

Image 8, 4 March.

Image 9, 4 March.

Image 10, 4 March.

Image 11, 4 March.

Image 12, 4 March.

Image 13, 4 March.

Image 14, 4 March

Image 15, 4 March.

Image 16, 4 March.

Image 1, 3 March.

Image 2, 3 March.

Image 3, 3 March.

Image 4, 3 March.

Image 5, 3 March.

Image 6, 3 March.

Image 7, 3 March.

Image 8, 3 March.

Image 9, 3 March.

Image 10, 3 March.

Image 11, 3 March.

Image 12, 3 March.

Image 13, 3 March.

Image 14, 3 March.

Image 15, 3 March.

Image 16, 3 March.

Image 17, 3 March.

Image 18, 3 March.

Image 19, 3 March.

Image 20, 3 March.

Image 21, 3 March.

Image 21, 3 March.

Image 22, 3 March.

Photos of 3-5 March, place in "The Circle of Death" near the Västanbäck village. I come with more information later.

Irritation of the wolf haters

vargPosted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Thu, February 28, 2013 21:17:41

26 feb. The wolf haters deleted the banner on the snow!

26 feb. The message from wolf haters Stefan Tågestad, he wrote on the snow "Hello Frenchman!" (Hej, fransmannen!)

26 feb. Image 3. Then, I became more incentive to engaged for the last wolf in the Junsele territory. The purpose with this action is to focused for the crucial right of the wolf and that her should live for her own sake. Of course, that the wolf haters criminal behavior should be stopped and that the banners with wolf message should be more visible on the snow!

27 feb. Image 4, Sweden and the whole people of Europe are looking at what you do unscrupulous wolf haters!

27 feb. Image 4, The Mountaintarn (Bergtjärnen) in the north-west side of "The circle of death" (Dödens ringen)

27 feb. Image 6, by Mountaintarn (Bergtjärnen). I am very disappointed about Sweden!

Sweden you have unsuccessful at every level of your "environmental policy" and this unscrupulous government will be condemned from the European Commission for breaking the law of Habitats Directive 92/43 EEG. Sweden is a country full of parody that sells a completely different image of themselves. A country that says "We love the nature," but at the same time transforming the old forests in a horrible deforestation and their inhabitants, such as the "protected" wolf sterminated. Sweden is a country who the reindeer exercising his own law and the lobby hunters have taken over the power, no democracy and the government are only puppets of this lobbysmen. Swedish people are unfortunately not solidarity with each other, they fight for their own survival in a still more rotten and corrupt society, where only the money, the consumption, and their economic interests are valued!

In fact the Swedish people stay still in silence, don't take action in the field with the goal to save the last wolf in Junsele. I am sad to experience that time after time!

I am convinced that with cowardice and with fear, you will never change this unacceptable situation in Sweden concerning the long ongoing of naturecrime and this endless exploitation of natural resources. And as I told you before, it is not a coincidence that I am the only person (no one only swedish people!) who since more than four weeks I still fighting against these brainwashed of wolf heaters in the forests of the wolves territory in Junsele district.

I don' t trust to the "human" species, because too much unsustainable, paradox and with a destructive behavior on the planet. The "human" show unfortunately only selfish and disappointed. In contrast to the "human", always when I live with nature and under her condition, than I see how all these forest inhabitants (flora and fauna) are interconnected together. Of the nature I bekome knowledge, strength and energy. In practice, I live in the present! I tell to you, that I don't feel alone, I have many friends in the forest and I am with the wise wolf!

27 feb. image 4-6. The circle of death in swedish (Dödens ringen) with the color of blood. This is a sad history of the wolf hunting in the wolves territory close to the Mountaintarn (Bergtjärnen). This place will be always remembered throught the time for the persecution and murder to the wolves. This is the increasingly bitter war caused of the "human" and always against nature! That is the sad history written of the swedish wolf haters!

Meeting with wolf haters

vargPosted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Wed, February 20, 2013 22:07:34

Some pictures of wolf haters when tracking and encircling Susi in the circle of death. I tell more later on about my meeting with the wolf haters. In picture 1, I met Tomas Nejne, reindeer owner from Klimpfjäll, and Lars-Göran Baer, also from Klimpfjäll. In the last two pictures, I met Stefan Tågestad, from the County Council.

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