Biking for Wolves:     Following the Pessinkiwolve

Biking for Wolves: Following the Pessinkiwolve

BIKING FOR WOLVES: from lake Galven in Hälsingland/Sweden via Kivikiekki in North Karelen/Finland to Stockholm/Sweden. The bikingtour is divided into over 60 distances and will go on for over 4 months in summer/autumn 2012

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46. distance: Tankavaara - Petkula

Biking for Wolves project 2012Posted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Wed, October 03, 2012 14:22:03

3. october 2012

This morning I was taken by surprise in many ways smiley. Yesterday evening, I let most of my packing stay on the bike, and just brought inside the cottage what was needed for the night. As I was eating a very tastful meal at Tankavaara Gold-Village and was getting breakfast there as well - I did not bring food inside. So - whom did I meet when I was leaving the cottage in the morning - sitting at the front of the bike, still chewing?

Yes! A squirrel had actually opened the bags on the bike - unfortunately not really gently - and had come over 300 g of choclate cookies smiley

Well, after repairing the bags as good as it could be done with tape, I finally started off towards Sodankylä - about 100km to go - I hope I will get there before night.

When such a big distance waits, it is good to know, that I have been offered a place to stay over night - at Camping Sodankylä Nilimella. Juho Vuontisvaara did agree to offer a cottage - despite the fact that the camping site had already closed its reception for the season - that was really supporting and wonderful. Thank you Juho and Nilimella!!!

By the way: here is the article that was published in Inarilainen 3 october 2012:

(reporter Anna Mari Niskasem

(in English translation:)

No more poaching. Gianluca bikes for Wolves. Gaudenzi has startet his bikingtour in Sweden and wants to make people aware of the situation of poaching and extinction of the Wolves. Gaudenzi will turn firstly towards Helsinki and then to Stockholm, where is is going to arrange demonstrations for the rights of the Wolves.