Biking for Wolves:     Following the Pessinkiwolve

Biking for Wolves: Following the Pessinkiwolve

BIKING FOR WOLVES: from lake Galven in Hälsingland/Sweden via Kivikiekki in North Karelen/Finland to Stockholm/Sweden. The bikingtour is divided into over 60 distances and will go on for over 4 months in summer/autumn 2012

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44. distance: Ivalo - Saariselkä

Biking for Wolves project 2012Posted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Tue, October 02, 2012 10:32:03

1. october 2012

Yesterday evening, I worked with my laptop with the new internet-stick until 23.00 until it was time to go to sleep. This time I chose the cinema as a restroom for the night, I used the madresses from the tent and a blanket. The place was calm and without all these unneeded lights that otherwise are to be found all over the SIULA shopping center.

Picture: Waste of energy in the middle of the night at SIULA shopping center

I have no idea why the radio and the television has to be on all night long, it's at total waste of energy and a sign of the unawareness of environmental issues in Saariselkä. It might be that the somewhat strange Sami-dolls need company and light during the night.....

I woke up at 6.30 this morning to be able to sent some more pictures to the blogg. The wheter seems not very sunny - as usual cloudy and rainy.

On my way south I will stay over night at Tankavaara - Pertti Sukuvaara, the owner is going to sponsor the tour by letting me stay over night in one of his cottages! Thank you, Pertti!

30. september 2012

I started a bit late from Ivalo, at 17.45 and arrived at 22.00 in Saariselkä.

Picture: the bike is packed once again for the distance Ivalo-Saariselkä

Picture: within just some minutes I will be on my way

Picture: I have left Ivalo and follow the bike-trail - something that Sweden could learn from Finland - bikingtrailes over all!

It took quite a lot of time to edit the pictures for the blogg, and the facebook page. I wrote a shorter report on the last distance which i will work through more deeply later on. I invested a lot of time to create meetingplaces with the bike and the flaggs, whereever people assembled. The bike and the flaggs always caught their attention...

Picture: Interesting interview with Anu Munne, staff at the touristoffice at Saariselkä

I left flyers in almost every grocery store, at bulletin boards, at some restaurants, for example Nutukas restaurant (with very nice staff and good service).

I am very happy that Kultahippu Hotel sponsored me with two nights including breakfast. Thanks to Paulina Rintela who made that possible! But when it comes to the staff at the hotel, I have to say, that they acted very unpolite, they e.g. offer rooms that are not cleaned yet, go into occupied rooms without knocking, and where all over unpleasant in their treatment of e.g. the Russian guests that just had ordered hot water. - A bad sense of service towards the custumers and bad cooperation between the staff and the manager as it seems.

Kultahovi Hotel in Inari on the other side was in a league of its own. The staff was very good at cooperating with the hotel manager and they showed responsibility towards the custumers. Splended treatment! Kultahovi hotel really showed great quality concerning the rooms, breakfast and the nice service from all the staff!

The only two hotels in Saariselkä, Holliday Club and Panimo showed no interest in supporting the bikingtour. Lucky or unlucky that the door to the big shopping center was open. Maybe somebody forgot to shut it or left it open on purpose or something is defect anyhow, it was an alternative with a blue night in a tent.

Picture 1: I SIULA, I found a place for the night, nice on a rainy night!

Picture 2: Downstairs in the shoppingcenter of SIULA

Picture 3: Childrens tent as a sleeping place for the night

Picture 4: One can sleep everywhere - even in a tent in a shoppingcenter - at least cheaper than at Panimo or Holiday Club hotels.