Biking for Wolves:     Following the Pessinkiwolve

Biking for Wolves: Following the Pessinkiwolve

BIKING FOR WOLVES: from lake Galven in Hälsingland/Sweden via Kivikiekki in North Karelen/Finland to Stockholm/Sweden. The bikingtour is divided into over 60 distances and will go on for over 4 months in summer/autumn 2012

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42. distance: Solojärvi - Inari

Biking for Wolves project 2012Posted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Sat, September 22, 2012 13:25:14

25. september 2012:

Picture: Pessiniki Wolf at the Siida Same museum in Inari

Picture: Information about the petition for Wolves in Inari

21 september 2012

Today, I started from Solojärvi in the middle of the day.

By phone I could get into contact with Mauri Nieminen, a friend of Bror Eriksson form Lainio who so wonderfully helped me with lots of things. Thank you again Bror!!! I reached Inari before night - but in heavy rain...

I was sponsored with one night at the hotel at Kultahovi Hotel:

Day number two, I was able to meet Mauri at the hotel reception for a 30 min long interview.

Picture 1: Kaisu Nikula, the hotel manager of Kultahovi hotel. She sponsored me with a room over the night

Picture 2: Bernd Nietz from Friedeburg in Germany also was interested in the project - as many of the tourists I met on the tour.

Picture 3: Mauri Nieminen, reseracher at the reserach institute of Kamaanen

Picture 4: Mauri and I with the Pessinki Wolf. I conducted a most interesting interview with Mauri at the hotel. He had come to Inari just to meet me. Thank you Mauri!

22. and 23. september:

I have decided to stay two more days in Inari - for three reasons: one: I have to seek help to get my bike repaired, otherwise it will break down during the 38 km to Ivalo. Secondly, I want to use the time to get into contact with the Sami population, that is living here in and around Inari. Inari is as much a center for the Finnish Sami as Jokkmokk was for the Swedish Sami. As a third I have to have time to update the blogg.

So I will put up my posters and flaggs in the center of Ivalo and seek the discussion about this infected subject.

I changed from Kultahovi Hotel to Holliday Village Camping. They sponsor me with a very good price for the 2 nights. Thank you Holliday Village Camping!