Biking for Wolves:     Following the Pessinkiwolve

Biking for Wolves: Following the Pessinkiwolve

BIKING FOR WOLVES: from lake Galven in Hälsingland/Sweden via Kivikiekki in North Karelen/Finland to Stockholm/Sweden. The bikingtour is divided into over 60 distances and will go on for over 4 months in summer/autumn 2012

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39. distance: to Pokka

Biking for Wolves project 2012Posted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Sun, September 16, 2012 20:05:19

16 september 2012

After a cold and wet night, spent in a little barbeque-cottage in the woods, I climbed up on my bike 10.00 in the morning on some of the worst roads experienced so far. Dirt road is a nice description. The road was extremly bad due to the rain and the big lorries that distribute at least 10 cm of sand on the already wet roads. This means it was like biking in mud! The cars were slithering around - then you can only imaging how it works for a bike with a heavy loaded trailer. It felt like skiing downhill in wet snow, with the snow becoming attached more and more to the skies. 40km on these roads became a real challenge for the already weakened trailer. The municipalites way of sanding the roads aside with the very rude car-drivers made the situation even worse.

The road up towards Pokka was actually so bad that the bicycle trailer broke - AGAIN!!!

Pictures: It is already for the third time that the trailer is breaking down! I can only warn you to buy this product from BILTEMA. it broke down at 16.00 ca. 20km ahead of Pokka.

Fortunately, I experienced some strange noise from the back of his bike, and managed to stop - otherwise it could have ended really badly...

A nice couple form Pilkoenniemi, Vuakko & Osmo, on their way south, stopped and actually mounted his bike onto their care and drove back along the road they just came on, back to Pokka Camping to leave the broken bicycle trailer there and I biked the lasting 20 km there. Thank you so much for your help and support, Vuakko & Osmo!!!

Picture: Osmo Kallinari from Pelkosenniemi helped med to get the broken trailer to Tieva-Baari in Pokka

Picture: Vuakko Kallinari holds my bike while Osmo and I are loading the trailer

At Tieva-Baari Camping at Pokka, the owners, Helena & Kari, were so kind as to repair the broken trailer - and to also shape som extra holders. Again: Thank you so very much Kari!

Picture: A new trailer-attachment was produced by Kari in Pokka. Thank you!

Picture: Kari with the Pessinki-Wolf and a repaired trailer.

I will now stay over night at the Camping site and then move on towards Inari - which he should be able to reach with the now repaired bicycle trailer.

But for how long will it work now? The last repaired one broke down within 200km....???

SO: YOUR HELP IS REALLY NEEDED!!!! Even if you only can give a small amount to his above mentioned bank-account - maybe together you can actually sponsor a new, needed trailer!!!

Please talk to all the wolf-friends you know in order to help the tour to keep on!!!

Picture: Information on the bikingtour in Tieva-Baari Ky smiley