Biking for Wolves:     Following the Pessinkiwolve

Biking for Wolves: Following the Pessinkiwolve

BIKING FOR WOLVES: from lake Galven in Hälsingland/Sweden via Kivikiekki in North Karelen/Finland to Stockholm/Sweden. The bikingtour is divided into over 60 distances and will go on for over 4 months in summer/autumn 2012

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69. distance: Helsinki - Stockholm

Biking for Wolves project 2012Posted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Wed, November 14, 2012 15:08:45

18. november 2012

The pictures that follow are all taken 18. november at Drottningholm castle, where the Swedish King resides:

A resumé about the happenings at Drottningholm castle will follow. The monarch obviously felt unsecure by the Pessinki Wolf.

Picture: Banners infront of Drottningholm caste. The monarch saw them! and got insecure - Alert alert!

Picture: Meeting point at Drottningholm Castle: Many curious people passed by and wanted to know more about the Bikingtour.


18. november 2012

Today, I planned for the meeting point tomorrow in front of Drottningholm Castle at Ekerö. I met Ulf and Richard, jogging through the Old Town, and Ulf said: Media is going to be really interested if you are going to put up the banners at the King's Castle. ... We will see - information is sent out to the media about the action - even if it was sent afterwards - but lets see if media dares to take up these burning issues.


18. november 2012

Picture: On my way to Riksbron - on meeting point day 2.

Today, I got involved in a couple of discussions with people that like Wolves, but also with some hysteric ones. Most of the dialogs were very positive, people are very upset with the unsustainability of the government and and ignorance about Wolf-issues.

Picture: The banners greatest challenge: the wind!

Picture: It blew really harsh today - so people would not stop for long.

Picture: Margarete och Mikkeli helped to attach the banners against the wind. It was nice to meet you in the evening again!

Picture: Some sun in the afternoon made it easier to stand up against the wind.

Lena was visiting with her daughter and granddaughter, We had interesting discussions about Wolves and about her organization APU (Anti Poaching Unit). Thanks Lena for the T-Shirt and the cap!

Picture: Lena and the Pessinki wolf

Picture: I got a T-Shirt and a cap of Lena and her organisation APU (Anti Poaching Unit)

Henry likes Wolves, he was telling about the horrible situation for Wolves at Skansen Zoo. The Wolves are stressed and feel bad. Skansen Zoo should close down at once. Boykott all Zoos and animal gardens! Instead all these power-abusers and animal tormentors should be put there!

Picture: Nina Keller and her dogs and friend Sandra payed a visit.

Picture: Nice visit of Lisa. Thanks for your invitation to your BB atvHöga kusten)!

Picture: Today, the meeting point went on a little longer: until 18.00


18. november 2012

Today: the first day of meeting point in front of the Swedish Parliament: Today, for the sakes of the Wolves, I have been at the meeting point from 10.00 to 16.30. The winds were quite rough, I had no break, no lunch, but was happy to stand there for the rights of the Wolf and to spread information and knowledge about the Wolf to the public.

I hope that people will stop their hysteria and the myths on Wolves. It is time to change our unsustainable perspective on nature!

Picture: Pessinki wolf on his way to the meeting point at "Riksbron"

Picture: Pessinki Wolf biking through the Old Town of Stockholm

Picture: Protector of Nature and the Bureaucracy behind him

Picture: The Pessinki Wolf in front of the headquarters of the abuse of power

Picture: The banner of the Wolf at Riksbron

The banners actually resisted the heavy wind, unexpected!

Picture: The banners are in place at riksbron

Picture: Meeting point for the Wolve. The building behind contains the offices of the abusers of power

Picture: The banners attract attention of many people

The banners attractet a lot of attention from many people - both citizens of Stockholm and tourists. The people show a lot of disappointment towards the politics of the government over all, not only concerning the failed predator-policy, but also when it comes to the unsustainable use of natural resources and the destruction of old forests. The development of forest deforestation and devastation is just getting worse and worse.

The discussion about the domination of mankind against other species and the ruthlessness against the planet have been questions where people have shown anciousness. Many state, that they do want a change - without those greedy and ruthless abusers of power that govern the modern, unsustainable society: "growth at all costs"!

Several politicians came by the banners, amongst others the unsustainable and ignorant Swedish Minister of Agriculture. He became aware of the fact that more will come and defend the rights of the Wolves in front of the Parliament. He is not in a stable position, the best thing to do for him is to actually go home, together with his own kind of power abusers.

I did meet the green (miljöpartiet) politician Charles Berkow, he showed interest for the Biking tour.

Today, at the Riksdag, the parliament, there will be a discussion on the rights of Kurds. At the meeting point, I met Amin, who has been living for over 10 years in Stockholm and works for the Kurdish TV. He showed interest in the Biking tour and would like to come back, tomorrow, 16. nov, to film and do an interview for TV. Nice guy!

Last but not least, I met Claudia from Argentina, she wants to invite me for a vegetarian lunch at "Hermanns". I said yes - so I am looking forward to a warm lunch together with Claudia tomorrow. Thanks!

See you all tomorrow 10.00 - 16.00 at Riksbron - it will be nice to meet you!

Friend/Protector of Nature



18. november 2012

Now the Biking for Wolve- project has finally reached its (for now) last stop: Stockholm and the Swedish Parliament. (see the whole route on the google-map above or klick on the hand-out:

The discussions in Finland with common people had been interesting. I met people at Kamppi-square, that were totally scared of their old bedtime-stories about wolves eating small children and were unable to change their attitude of fear and heatred against Wolves. It is not possible to reach some people with logical arguments such as: The last time a human was BELIEVED! (not even known!) to be killed by a wolf in Finland was a small girl in the 30-ies. Well - lets count then: how many children have been killed since then in Finland? one? two? a dozen? hundred? thousend? The last hintch might be the best - thousands! of children have been killed since then - by cars, by trains, by their fathers, mothers, siblings, friends, instable people, cancer..... but NOT by wolves! Why then this hysteria about it?

Some other discussions where more interesting: people that themselves have experienced discrimination and threats from government, distinctive groups or people - they seem to have a different perspective on the situation for Wolves. Maybe they can relate?

Or people like Janne & Helena, who kindly let the project stay at their appartment in Helsinki for three days - despite the fact that they did not know me! On the note left on the kittchen table they wrote: it is a pleasure to be able to help and support people like you! =) Thanks a lot Janne and Helena for all your kindness - and it was a pleasure to take care of the turtles!

After having arranged the meeting point at Kamppi-square in the middle of Helsinki and having risen the banner in front of the Finish Parliament, the projects took the ferry over from Finland to Sweden. Unfortunately it seems totally impossible to reach either Vikingline or Talinksilja for sponsorship.

One idea had been to even go to Talinn and Estonia, as they are many hunters from Finland that travel there to hunt Wolves. But time got short and there might be another time to raise the Wolf-banner even in front of the Estonian Parliament.

In Stockholm, I am most kindly sponsored for three nights at Castanea vandrarhem at Kindstugatan 1 in the Old Town of Stockholm - the closest possible to the Parliament! .

Pictures: The youth hostel is beautifully situated in the central of the Old Town in Stockholm - close to everything. Romantic old paths - but also the almost total absence of green and nature... as typical for big cities...

Castanea belongs to the top ten rated hostels worldwide in march 2012! I can understand why! Thanks for a warm welcoming by Lotta and her sister Cecilia!

Even City-Backpackers ( and Lena Edlund have offered their sponsorship for two nights - thanks a lot. This means, I can use the time not being engaged in the meeting point for uppdating the blogg, getting order into my many notes from the trip.

Picture: In the central part of Stockholm, close to the railway station, Citybackpackers is situated. Watch their video to get an impression of the flair: =)

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I be standing on "Riksbron", a bridge at the Swedish Parliament, between 10 - 16, to raise the Wolf banner and to be at the meeting point to discuss the situation of Wolves in Sweden/Scandinavia with everybody interested. JOIN ME THERE!

I have sent emails to all the responsible Swedish MP (members of Parliament) and hope some of them will join me there to stand up for the politics they are carrying out - especially LENA EK, minister of environment should be ashamed of the decision she is about to take, following the voices of the hunters league in Sweden instead of her own departments demands!!!

and the article from Swedish reporter Elisabeth Höglund in one of the biggest Swedish Evening papers on Lena Ek's decision:




18. november 2012

This morning offered beautiful weather - and I hope many people will stop at the meeting point at Riksbron and discuss the situation of Wolves with me. By now (14.00) I have put up the banners on the bridge (informed by a sympatic security guy that this might not be alowed - but as he now has announced that he feels he has done his duty and nothing more needs to be said or done - in other words - I keep on with the meeting point). Already this morning, when I loaded my bike, many people, elderly, neighbours to the place where I stayed for the night, families, seemingly rich people, middle-aged women with anthroposophic world view.... all kinds of people in other words - showed interest in the bike and the flaggs. One elderly man said: you are lucky that no one stole your bags from your bike over night - the thieves seem to have made an exeption for you! ... Well, who knows. they maybe symphesize with Wolves?!

So today and tomorrow, I will be standing at Riksbron, where hundreds of tourists and dozens of MP's (members of Parliament) pass by every day.

It is really windy today, and I had to attach the banners really tight to the bridge so that the wind would not blow away them - I rather would like people being blown away of the message given by the banners =)

68. distance: Borgå - Helsinki

Biking for Wolves project 2012Posted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Sat, November 10, 2012 13:14:55
09 & 10. november 2012

Before arriving at Helsinki and the Finish Parliament, the project had sent out information to both members of the Finish Parliament and their Ministery officials and the press:

The building shows power and the abuse of power. Here, the rights of Wolves to live should be protected, not undermined. The place should be accessible to all people, as it is built by the people's money. And all people have the right to raise their voice and to show their messages to these paradox governmental systems and representatives. A sustainable society can only exist without the governmetal abuse of power.

Picture: In front of the Finish Parliament

The Pessinki Wolf raises his voice and fights for its rights infront of the Finish Parliament: 09. november 2012; Meetingpoint Biking for Wolves.

Picture: With a member of the Finish Nature League and a mexican visitor of the parliament, who in Meciko is involved in the protection of the black bears.

A clerk of the Parliament tried by force to stop the rights of the Wolf by using violence. Once more the Finish Parliament shows that it does not only act against the EU-law and directives (Council Directive 92/43/EEC), but their employées also show bad treatment of people.

Picture: The representative of the Wolf defends his rights.

Picture: Meetingpoint Biking for Wolves 10. november 2012; 15.00-18.00 infront of Kamppi in central Finland. All of you who are engaged in protected the Wolves - come and join!

67. distance: Perheniemi - Borgå

Biking for Wolves project 2012Posted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Thu, November 08, 2012 19:46:58
8. november 2012

In the morning, I started towards Borgå - quite a long distance, but I have to keep the time-table if I want to arrive in Helsinki tomorrow by noon, when the first meeting point in front of the Finish Parliament is about to start.

Picture: Distance between Perheniemi and Borgå

66.distance: Hudasjärvi - Perheniemi

Biking for Wolves project 2012Posted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Thu, November 08, 2012 19:45:59
7. november 2012

to be uppdated in Helsinki

65. distance: Ristiina - Hudasjärvi

Biking for Wolves project 2012Posted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Tue, November 06, 2012 13:07:09

6. november 2012

to be uppdated when arriving in Helsinki

64. distance: Hurissalo - Ristiina

Biking for Wolves project 2012Posted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Tue, November 06, 2012 13:04:51
4. & 5. november 2012

to be uppdated when arriving in Helsinki

63. distance: Puumala - Hurissalo

Biking for Wolves project 2012Posted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Tue, November 06, 2012 13:03:42

3. november 2012

to be uppdated when arriving in Helsinki

62. distance: Savonlinna - Puumala

Biking for Wolves project 2012Posted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Mon, November 05, 2012 10:19:06
2. november 2012

New newspaperarticles about the Bikingtour are now available through the internet: (mainly the last days interviews but also some older article that I had not published yet!)

Follow the links (the articles are written in Finish): (2012-10-26) (2012-10-15) (2012-10-05) (2012-09-11)

and another one from Koillissanomat (Kusamo):

still to come: articles from Tohmajärvi, Kitee, Kerimäki and Ristiina.