Stop the massacre of Bears

Stop the massacre of Bears

Bears of Sweden shall live

The photo shoes part of a bear-family with 3 cups (8 may 2012; photo by Stefan Persson; the other photo see down below). They have been killed by the County Administrative ("Ambushing") Board of the region of Jämtland in a quick action carried out by snipers from a helicopter. The action took place with the help of Jämtflyg, a private helicopter company. Authorities are wasting lots of resources and tax money through these criminal actions. The puppies had not even begun to live yet after a long winter in their den.

Bears are an endangered and protected species. Yet hundreds of bears are hunted and shot every year in Sweden.

This happens despite the fact that the State of Sweden not even know how many bears really do exist within the country's boarders.

Hunting season this year 2013 begins on august 21.

Help the bears by NOT reporting when you see one, NOT telling about their position, DESTROYING all prints that are visible so that hunters can not follow

Swedish authorities with a licence to kill

nature protectionPosted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Wed, August 14, 2013 13:00:14

Photo: (8 may 2012; photo by Stefan Persson); the other halv of the murdered family of bears.

This is no exeption. This goes on every year, for hundreds and hundreds of times, carried out by authorities together with reindeer-owner and the big lobby of hunters. This trend in society is totally concentrated on human dominance on nature. Human trafficking of the nature is serious but seen as totally normal, not being questioned or acted against.

Photo: prints from the hindpaw of a bear in Jämtland; destroyed as soon as they were seen, in order to protect the location of the bear

Photo: prints from the forepaw of the same bear. He was walking on the road and disappeared then into the forrest. The weight was probably around 300 kg and the age about 10 years, quite a big one.

Photo: fore- and hindpaw of the bear.

Photo: the bears prints along the dirt road in the forrest

When I was meeting him there on the road, with a distance of about 100 meters, the bear seemed very calm and walked for about 70 meters on the dirt road before leaving for the forrest. His reaction to the meeting was clear: he was trying to avoid me - and I certainly do understand why he is avoiding people - feeling disturbed in his natural environment, sensing danger. He went to the forrest after having seen me and I was occupied with destroying his prints on the road for about halv an hour. Surely, he watched me doing this and maybe he understood that I ment no danger to him. I am convinced that the problem is the humans and not the bears. And bears might be able to sense people's intentions and of course will defend him or herself and the cups if chased by them.

Their environment have been totally destroyed by human exploitation, easily to be seen in the bears territory: everything is cut into pieces by big maschines, which of course takes away their possibilities to live in peace. The public forest companies and private forest owners seem to actually not want any kind of species left in the forests. These actors do not respect other species rights to live in the forest.

Of course there will not be published any coordinates or places where bears have been observed - not by me at least - and I hope not by you either!

Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by Gianluca Gaudenzi Wed, November 16, 2016 19:07:17

du skrev fel och menade SKJUTA björnstammen, eller hur? och just det ska ni inte göra.

Posted by Älgjägare Tue, September 02, 2014 14:08:26

sköt ditt och låt myndigheterna/jägarna sköta björnstammen