Stop the massacre of Bears

Stop the massacre of Bears

Bears of Sweden shall live

The photo shoes part of a bear-family with 3 cups (8 may 2012; photo by Stefan Persson; the other photo see down below). They have been killed by the County Administrative ("Ambushing") Board of the region of Jämtland in a quick action carried out by snipers from a helicopter. The action took place with the help of Jämtflyg, a private helicopter company. Authorities are wasting lots of resources and tax money through these criminal actions. The puppies had not even begun to live yet after a long winter in their den.

Bears are an endangered and protected species. Yet hundreds of bears are hunted and shot every year in Sweden.

This happens despite the fact that the State of Sweden not even know how many bears really do exist within the country's boarders.

Hunting season this year 2013 begins on august 21.

Help the bears by NOT reporting when you see one, NOT telling about their position, DESTROYING all prints that are visible so that hunters can not follow

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